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The Murphys: Steve, Shannon and Sarah

What Makes Them So Special?

murphy family photo free.jpg

Welcome to our family. On the outside we may look like an ordinary family, but we are far from.


Recently it has come out that we have superpowers. With these powers we were able to save our town from the recent alien attack that it underwent. My daughter Sarah was at school when this happened, and we knew she would need our help. My husband Steve and I had yet to tell her we were just like her but now the secret is out to not just her, but to the world.


My name is Shannon. Shannon Murphy and this is our story. The story of the Murphys.


No family is ordinary, but ours is extraordinary. With this website we plan to tell you about us as individuals and how we came to be who we are today. Stick around. It's about to get interesting.


Also, we are using this website to not only let the world in on our little family magic, but to also spread awareness that different is good. It's a good thing to stand out and be who you are. Don't let this world tell you anything else. Be you.

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